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The snow-white cliffs had been bound in magic; it made them perfectly, unnaturally sheer.

As a result, the usually indomitable ocean bowed to them, for a change. Its waves moved by the wall of rock like some mechanical contraption’s spirit-level gauges: filling and emptying and filling again.

High tide meant high water. Walking the clifftop path, you could hear the ocean breathing mere metres away – plus a few feet below.

Of course, this was only possible on calm days. Storms brought nothing except the water crashing and roaring, spray skimming the top: the ocean, longing to be set free.

This is my response to the Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash Fiction Challenge: exactly 99 words (excluding title), inspired by a given prompt.

From 1/5/23 to 7/5/23, the prompt is: ‘In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about high water. Hell can be involved, or not. Is high water a new drink? A crisis in nature or the basement? Get in the flow. Go where the prompt leads!’

To read the full collection, click here 🙂

Image by Carrot Ranch

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