Service Feelings

Reading Time: 5 mins and under

When he saw her death announced in the paper, Thom thought he’d better go to the memorial. He hadn’t seen her in years – not to speak to – yet still he felt the pull to attend.

It was his last duty – but would that really be to her, or to himself?

The night before, Thom lay in bed, wondering – worrying, even, about the selfishness of it all. He didn’t think he’d fallen asleep, but her face fluttered above his head, behind his eyelids.

She told him that she understood, now. She understood everything. She radiated peace and joy and love.

He’d never known anything like it… unless it was Aunt Tessie, the family spiritualist, telling everyone about her son from a previous life. Then, he’d been a talented actor. Now, he reaches out from beyond the veil, to guide her in much the same way as this.

Or something. Thom usually zoned out whenever Tessie brought it up. Wasn’t it all, he always thought, just a dream?

By morning, he was less certain. The priest talked of Heaven’s perfect love blooming out of its perfect understanding. The dead long to share that state on Earth.

Thom had felt that.

This is my response to the Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash Fiction Challenge: exactly 99 words (excluding title), inspired by a given prompt.

From 30/5/22 to 4/6/22, the prompt is: ‘In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story behind a memorial. Is it a structure, plaque, or something else? What does it seek to remind those who view it? Go where the prompt leads!’

To read the full collection, a link will appear here soon 🙂

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