September Time

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Autumn is just beginning, and I can’t wait for it to get properly under way. No more wasps, or (less happily) Proms concerts, but pattering rain, and all the sensory delights brought on by watching things like Bake Off and Strictly (both start this week, which is when you know dark nights are on their way).

So, here’s a fairly personal poem about the season’s start, anticipating Autumn’s rise.

September Time

The Indian summer
swansong brings wasps out,
their buzzing, sharp, stripey warning. Time to hide!
Rain brings aural release.
Sweet, steaming cocoa.

Music no longer rings
through screens from Albert
Hall, for cakes and sequins mist up TV, now:
icy eyes stalk the tent,
before glitter-belles

and joyful Johannes
feast on fashion. Time
to flaunt my colours: deep green, bold burgundy,
and thick, rich-purple socks.
Time for Autumn's shine.

This is my response to Colleen’s 8th Monthly Poetry Challenge at Carrot Ranch: a double ennead poem, which is three five-line stanzas of 33 syllables, totalling 99 syllables for the whole poem. Lines go in this order of syllables: 6, 5, 11, 6, 5.

From 20/9/21 to 16/10/21, the prompting theme/image is: ‘write a double ennead poem dedicated to Autumn. Pay special attention to sensory words: taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing.’

To read more responses to this prompt (by a range of wonderful writers!), go to: 🙂

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