E.A. (Eleanor Anne) Colquitt is an emerging writer.

As she works on her main project – her first novel – her shorter pieces regularly appear in various publications.

Read and explore on this website 🙂

Praise for The Mole (suitable for ages 12+):

A deceptively simple and quietly powerful piece that asks us about the forces of good and evil and the blurring between human and animal in our everyday lives.

~ D. Miller, Editor (2017-18), Flash Literary Journal (Lancaster)

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Photo by M. Tattersall


E.A. Colquitt was born and raised in Cumbria, UK. It’s not as rainy as it sounds.

After writing on and off throughout her school years, she completed a BA Honours in English Literature, Creative Writing and Practice from the University of Lancaster. Just before she graduated, her prose was officially published for the first time in Issue 24 (‘Moths’) of the university’s literary journal, Flash.

Post-graduation, Eleanor is writing her first novel: a fantasy, with some mystery and alternate-history elements, too. Her shorter work features in, for example:

  • Lucent Dreaming (Issue 8);
  • Reflex Fiction’s quarterly competitions (longlisted in both Autumn 2020 and Summer 2021);
  • Carrot Ranch Literary Community (various).

In her spare time, Eleanor plays the violin, and is also an occasional artist (it’s hit-and-miss, but at least the bad doodles can make people laugh, right?).

For more poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, fly up to her blog, Eleanor’s Eyrie. Then, discover the links to all of her shorter pieces, on Medium and Elsewhere (various).

Her writing averages out as being for ages 15+ (a rating inspired by those given to film/TV productions). Content-wise, it’s usually reasonably clean – but she is an adult, and her writings often appear alongside those of other creatives. She is not responsible for any content that isn’t her own. Take care out there, people!

Thank you for visiting her website 🙂